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Faculty of Biology

Faculty of Biology

Budynek Wydziału Biologii

About the Faculty

Although the Faculty of Biology was formally founded in 2008, research and education in the field of biology have been tightly connected with the University of Gdańsk since its beginning in 1970. First MSc diplomas in biology were granted already in 1972. In the beginning, biology including environmental, molecular and marine biology or biotechnology was taught and studied at the Faculty of Biology and Earth Sciences, later on at the Faculty of Biology, Geography and Oceanology and ultimately it was domiciled at the Faculty of Biology, finally encompassing most of over 30-year-old tradition of biological research and education at the University of Gdańsk. At present, the Faculty of Biology confers the PhD degree of Biological Sciences in Biology, Ecology or Microbiology and the post-doctoral degree (habilitation) in Biological Sciences in Biology. The Faculty encompasses 11 departments, 23 laboratories and 2 stations for research and education. In 2012, the new building of Faculty of Biology was officially opened, offering excellent conditions for research, teaching and studying. It has been completed within the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. The building provides a surface area of over 23.000 sq. meters, a modern infrastructure and fully equipped auditorium, lecture halls, teaching rooms, workrooms and specialized equipment. It is supplied with audio-visual equipment, telecommunication networks, access control and monitoring systems. The building is situated in the Baltic Campus of the University of Gdańsk, within walking distance to the local train station and bus and tram stops.