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e-Education, general information

e-Education, general information

2020, November 23 - 3:27pm

The IT Center of the University of Gdańsk informs about the changes in the way of electronic education to the winter semester of the academic year 2020/2021.

Taking into account your requests on how to work with students, in order to eliminate the difficulties encountered in using the accounts in separate system spaces - tenants, the need to apply for the creation of new teams in MS Teams or time-consuming assigning of whole student groups to them, in agreement with the Vice-Rector for IT Development and Promotion dr hab. Aneta Oniszczuk-Jastrząbek, associate professor, the following solution has been prepared:

  1. For all teaching staff, with the access to the personal data processing in the field of e-Teaching, based on completed and approved applications, full Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) accounts will be automatically created.
  2. Previous Guest accounts will be blocked and the teams assigned to them will be automatically included with the new full accounts. Employees with guest accounts without appropriate permissions are required to apply as soon as possible, so they can get a new account in student tenant.
  3. New accounts in student tenant will be given full authorization to create teams on their own.
  4. Both new courses on the educational portal/Moodle and existing ones, whose full name begins with “ATC” characters will automatically generate a team in MS Teams with assigned students. The whole course will be available as an additional tab in the general channel of the given team.
  5.  A Person, who is not authorized to personal data processing in e-teaching (as evidenced by the inability to create a course on the educational portal) will receive their account after completing the ODO (personal data protection) course at PE and after completing and processing the electronic application in Employees Portal.

Detailed technical instructions are available on the website e-Teaching.


An academic teacher, to conduct classes using application MS Teams, should be logged in to the student tenant.