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Faculty of Management

Faculty of Management

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About the Faculty

The history of the Faculty of Management dates back to 1942 when the Maritime Institute was established by the Secret Western Poland University. After WWII the traditions of the Institute were continued at the College of Marine Commerce (WSHM) in Gdynia. Initially located in Gdynia, the College was then permanently moved to Sopot – to the building of the present Faculty of Management. In 1952 WSHM was transformed into Sopot College of Economics (WSE) in Sopot. In 1968 the following Faculties emerged from the Faculty of Economics of the WSE: the Faculty of Industry and the Faculty of Maritime Transport. On 20 March 1970 the University of Gdańsk was founded out of a merger of the Sopot College of Economics and the Teacher’s College in Gdańsk. Two out of six faculties were concerned with economics, including the Faculty of Economics of Production. Owing to the new concept of studies in the field of economics, on 1 October 1993 the Faculty of Economics of Production was transformed into the Faculty of Management. The three fields of study currently pursued at the Faculty comprise: Management, Finance and Accounting, as well as Computer Science and Econometrics.
At present, the Faculty of Management is one of the largest faculties of the University of Gdańsk, enjoying vast popularity among secondary school graduates. Some 5,000 students in total are doing the full-time and part-time programmes. The Faculty prides itself on having the highest number of post-graduate students of all other faculties at the University of Gdańsk, and for several years in has been running part-time doctoral studies.