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Faculty of History

Faculty of History

Budynek Wydziału Historycznego

About the Faculty

The Faculty of History was established in 2008 and comprises three institutes: The Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology, the Institute of History and the Institute of Art History. It offers seven fields of study of the first- and second degree cycle (Archaeology, Ethnology, History, Art History, Regional Studies and Historic Tourism, German Studies and Religion Studies; furthermore, doctoral studies and five different post-graduate courses. In 2012 the Faculty of History was the winner of a competition organised by the Minister of Science and Higher Education for the best curricula and received a subsidy in the amount of PLN 1 million for implementation of ambitious plans aimed at improving the quality of education. In the recent parametric assessment of academic units conducted in 2013, the Faculty of History was granted category A status, which indicates that it can be regarded as very good.