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Faculty of Chemistry

Faculty of Chemistry

Budynek Wydziału Chemii

About the Faculty

The Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Gdańsk was founded in 1991, although its beginnings can be traced back to 1945, when within the framework of the newly-established Teacher Training College (“Pedagogium”) teacher training in the field of chemistry commenced.
At present the Faculty structure consists of 11 departments, hosting 30 research laboratories.
The Faculty is authorised to confer the post-doctoral academic degree of doktor habilitowany (habilitated doctor) in the field of chemical sciences, in the discipline of chemistry, as well as to confer the academic degree of doktor (doctor) in the field of chemical sciences, in such disciplines as biochemistry and environmental protection. Furthermore, the Faculty is entitled to apply for the title of Professor of Chemical Sciences.
Since 2013 the Faculty has been based in the new seat (29,000 sq. m.) located on the Oliwa campus, now priding itself on being one of the most state-of-the-art scientific and educational facilities in Europe. The Faculty of Chemistry houses 24 student laboratories, a technology hall, 190 scientific laboratories and a complex of modern lecture halls.