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Polish Language and Culture II

Experience the Polish Language and Culture in Gdańsk

2017, May 4 - 10:23am

270 classes: four 45-minute classes 5 times a week (Mon-Fri)

Course dates:  13.02.2017 r.- 3.06.2017 r.

We offer an intensive course for foreigners with a basic command of Polish who want to learn this language for personal and/or professional purposes.

Possible accommodation at a student hostel in a double room: 490 Polish zlotys a month per person.

It is also possible to enroll on other paid courses (sports, English etc.) offered by the University of Gdańsk.

Number of students per group: 8-12

Fee: 4,800 Polish złotys

Enrolment deadline:               3.02.2017 r.

Enrolment by e-mail:              ckijpug@gmail.com

In your message, please give the name of the course.